PROJECT A.I.M. - Attendance Intervention Management

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Panacea Services, Inc. is proud to partner with the Sacramento Police Department and Sacramento City Unified School District to provide the
Panacea Services, Inc. Project A.I.M. Program -
Helping Students and Families Engage in School and in Life!

Project A.I.M. - Attendance Intervention Management

Philosophy, Purpose and Goals

We now know that school attendance problems are usually a symptom of other problems: difficult family situations - homelessness, financial challenge, mental health and health concerns, substance abuse, gang involvement, criminal activity, lack of school success, learning disabilities and other personal issues.
  • The Project AIM Program is unique because it offers a holistic, family and strength based approach, rather than a punitive one to reducing school attendance problems.
  • For many youth, success in school comes through engaging not only the students, but also their families. To achieve this, the collaboration of schools, law enforcement, community-based organizations, community, and families is crucial.
  • The Project AIM program's holistic, family and strength based process includes referrals for parenting classes, substance abuse counseling, family counseling,vocational services for both the parents and youth, mental health services, academic support services, legal services, housing support and almost anything a student or family may need to help them become more successful in school and in life.
  • The goal: To help the student achieve consistent school attendance towards successful school engagement and education.

How does the process work?

1. Young persons discovered in the community and considered truant are brought to the Project AIM Center.  Students are also referred directly to Project A.I.M. by district school sites.

2. The student meets with Panacea Services, Inc., Intake Specialist and the student’s attendance and other school records are reviewed.

3. A Panacea Services, Inc. Project A.I.M. Counselor conducts an evidence-based needs assessment with the student to determine why the student is not in school and any underlying issues factoring into school attendance problems.

4. If issues requiring further assessment or intervention are discovered, Panacea Services, Inc.provides appropriate services and coordinates any referrals needed to other community service providers.

5. The young person’s family is contacted and their positive involvement encouraged.

6. After completing the triage and referral process, the student is returned to school or released to parents. The Attendance Center may initiate an attendance contract between the school and family providing checks and balances.

7.  Home visits are established in case there are unknown, serious issues that may be causing the truancy, such as requiring outside intervention services.

8. Case management of each student and family continues to track how the student and family are progressing and intervention is provided if barriers arise.

SCUSD - Panacea Services, Inc. Project AIM Center - 916-643.2362
Location at Serna Center Campus (former Genesis H.S., Room 23, next District Office)

5735 47th Ave,

Sacramento, CA