School & Community Based Services

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Please see the list of schools/sites we serve below


      As well as providing Outpatient Substance Abuse Treatment for youth at our three clinic locations listed below, Panacea provides this service at school sites in the community. There is no cost to the schools or to the students or families for these services (we can serve any youth age 12 - up to age 21 through various funding sources) and by providing the services right at school traditional barriers to treatment for most families, such as transportation and time, are greatly reduced. Panacea Counselors become a part of school site team working with them to serve their campus community.  Please check the list of schools we serve below.  

Primary Outpatient Clinic: 3353 Bradshaw Rd., #106 (just off of Highway 50): Intensive Outpatient Substance Abuse Treatment, Anger Mgmt., Life Skills, Gang Interventions & Support and a variety of other services; Family Education, Support & Counseling

Outpatient Clinic: 5437 Palm Ave - (near Auburn & Garfield)Outpatient Substance Abuse Treatment, Anger Mgmt., Life Skills,Gang Interventions & Support and a variety of other services; Family Education, Support & Counseling

American Legion High School (SCUSD)

California Middle School (SCUSD)

Calvine High School (EGUSD)

Children's Receiving Home of Sacramento

C.K. McClatchy High School (SCUSD) 

Community Collaborative Charter Schools (CCCS)

Crossroads Treatment Center

Daylor High School (EGUSD)

Einstein Middle School (SCUSD)

Fern Bacon Middle School (SCUSD)

Franklin High School (EGUSD) 

Grant High School (TRUSD) 

GWC School of Arts & Sciences (SCUSD) 

Harriet Eddy Middle School (EGUSD)

Health Professions High School (SCUSD)

Hiram Johnson High School (SCUSD)

John Still Middle School (SCUSD)

James Rutter Middle School (EGUSD)

Kennedy High School (SCUSD)

Laguna Creek High School (EGUSD)

Rio Cazadero High School (EGUSD)

Rosa Parks Middle School (SCUSD)

Rosemont High School (SCUSD)

Sacramento Academic and Vocational Academy (SAVA)

Samuel Jackman Middle School (EGUSD)

School of Engineering & Sciences (SCUSD)

Success Academy (SCUSD)

The Williams Academy (non-public school)

Valley High School (EGUSD) 

Will C. Wood Middle School (SCUSD)