About Us

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We Offer a variety of Programs & Services

All programs are on-going so admissions may enter any time.  Admission includes an individualized assessment. Treatment Services include: Treatment Planning, Group Counseling Sessions, Individual Counseling Sessions, Anger Management, gang services, and Relapse Prevention services.

All of our programs meet the requirements of Sacramento County Juvenile Probation and Sacramento County Juvenile Courts.  We collaborate with the probation department and are trained and certified in the evidence based treatment protocols required by the probation department to help ensure successful completion of probation requirements for our clients.

Panacea Services counselors utilize evidence-based curriculum throughout the counseling  process.  


We Can Serve You:

  1. Medi-Cal (including Minor Consent Medi-Cal) - we can serve virtually any youth ages 12 up to 21 at No Cost, 
  2. CARE Grant funding - Call us for more details
  3. Juvenile Probation and Court Referrals - No Cost for services
  4. Private Pay on a sliding scale (- over age 21 only - those under 21 can covered through our other funding types)
  5. In the process of becoming part of several insurance provider networks

Please call our main office if you have questions.  We are happy to answer your questions. Please call 916.854.4564.


Program History

Panacea Services, Inc. began thirteen years ago as a community services provider. We currently offer a range of services to youth, adults and families in the Sacramento area including substance abuse treatment, co-occurring disorders services, anger management,  gang prevention and intervention, parent/caregiver education/workshops and various other supportive services that are youth and family focused, holistic in approach and evidence based.  We have a strong commitment to community, collaboration and partnership.  We are licensed by the State of California Department of Alcohol and Drug Programs and are certified by the Sacramento County and Fresno County Drug Medi-Cal Branches.